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Hi, I'm Jeremy N. Johnson, your coach in excellence since 2008. Interested in a life of excellence? Read, watch, and lets connect! Contact Me.

You're here if your life is in shambles (or you just need to be uplifted) and you are seeking for something to help turn it around. The struggles and frustrations you face are known to me. I've received many emails, particularly from those of you in India, who struggle in life. I'm here to tell you struggles are a constant in life. However, the life of frustration and stress that you are experiencing most certainly does not have to be that way.

I've Been There Before

As a young man, I struggled with social anxiety and shyness. Anytime I had to read or speak in front of a group of people, my heart raced. I remember in high school running out of class as the teacher called on me to read in front of everyone. This was my life in my early years. I was fortunate to change my life around. It wasn't easy. It took time. But I now have the knowledge required and believe it is my mission to share it with you so your life might change for the better.

I Overcame Depression, Obesity, and Shyness - You Can Too

Jeremy Johnson, Before and After

How You Can Make the Change

By coming here, you've made the first step. Your willingness to learn and seek a solution to your struggles will take you to the next step - that is to start taking actions on several important key areas. I recommend you do them in order. Once you have done this, explore the rest of DrJerm, read, and apply the principles discussed. Then Contact Me and we'll see where to go from there.

Want More? Read On Below

Hidden treasures await you if you but choose to seek after them. If you are patient, you will even learn about the trident of transcendence!

Sky rocket your confidence

Take your confidence and motivation to new heights!

Most people could use a little confidence boost in their lives. This website is for those of you who want simple and easy to understand information about finding confidence, harnessing positive energy, and gaining true happiness. Tired of your mindless 9 to 5 job? Spend 15 minutes on my self help tutorial and start making choices today to turn things to your favor.

Start today by learning how to improve yourself. View the self improvement subjects outlined on the website and learn how you can live with your mistakes, find reward in serving others, and seeing how using wisdom will make you a master of your life. You will see that you control your own destiny and that you are talented, smart, and can do anything!

Become YOUR Own Coach, Motivator, and Master

Use this website as a guidebook in your pocket where you can find the information to put you on the path in life where you will achieve your dreams, tap into your true potential, and learn how to build yourself up by simply talking to yourself in the right way!

Self Improvement: Common Things People Need Help With

Self Improvement: The Beginners Guide to Imporvement

This informative guide takes you by the hand and shows you how you can better your life. Becoming better starts first and foremost with you. The very first step is making a choice. Make the choice to become better. You don't even have to know how you are going to become better. As long as you are willing, you will head in the right direction and the things necessary to become better will happen. The road to becoming better and finding true happiness is not an easy road. But the rewards and fulfillment will pay off.

Self Improvement: Benefits of Humor

Humor is a wonderful thing! How quickly stress, tension, and frustration can be eliminated with just a little bit of humor. Often in life, seriousness is too prevalent. Take time to laugh at yourself now and again. Enjoy the unique qualities of other people that can be humerous. Read the guide on benefits of humor to find out more about how wonderful a little humor is.

Self Improvement: Educational Power

There is a power gained through increaseing education and intellect. Eliminate guessing in your life by learning and understanding the world around you. Pick something to specialize in and become a master at what you do. Read about educational power and see what you can do to better yourself.

Self Improvement: Emotional Stability

Learn how to stay in control of yourself, even when things around you are chaotic. Understanding your emotions will help you understand yourself. Understanding the emotions of other people will help you to gain influence with them. Read about emotional stability and gain insight into your emotions and the emotions of others.

Self Improvement: Financial Freedom

See why financial freedom is not just having millions of dollars and looking to do nothing for the rest of your life. Gain insight into what it takes to get your finances in order and to get on the path to being in control of yourself and your money. Read about financial freedom.

Self Improvement: Finding Confidence

Ever seen someone who always seems to know what to say? What about people who always seem to be smiling and happy? Why do some people seem to have no problem at all making friends or having people like them? finding confidence will go a long ways to paving the way to some amazing improvements in life.

Self Improvement: Get Organized

An essential step in self improvement is getting organized. Read about simple tips to organizing your life and the areas you live in. See how organizing your home, your health, and your work will help you become better and have greater success in life. Read more about getting organized.

Self Improvement: Give Service

Learn how taking the time to help other people will help you on your path to self improvement. Service can be done by anyone. Get other people involved in service and seek to proactively help other people. You will find joy and happiness as you give service.

Self Improvement: Learn From Mistakes

See how you can learn to live with your mistakes. Find out what some common mistakes are and how you can prevent those mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and turn them into positive situations. Read more about how you can learn from mistakes.

Self Improvement: Making Choices

See how every thing that you do each day affects where your life is going. Learn to handle the choices other people make and choose things in your life that will build yourself up for the better. As you being making choices that will better yourself, you will being doing more for your own self improvement. Read more about making choices.

Self Improvement: Positive Energy

Each person gives off a certain amount of energy and that energy is positive (good) or negative (bad). See what it takes to have positive energy and how having positive energy will allow you to influence other people. You will begin to transcend this life as you gain positive energy.

Self Improvement: Positive Self Talk

How often is your brain working in overdrive with information and thoughts? Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly talking to yourself, both verbally, and more frequently, through your brain and the thoughts you formulate in your mind. The main thoughts in your minds and what you think about the most pave the way for what you will seek out to do in your life. The positive self talk guide is a refreshing eye opener for learning about how to be good to yourself through self talk.

Self Improvement: Spiritual Guidance

See how tapping into your own spirituality will help you in self improvement. See how spiritual guidance is not what religion you go to or how religious you are. Spirituality is your ability to see past your own self in this life. You will be able to tap into unseen areas for the better as you gain spirituality. Read more about spiritual guidance.

Self Improvement: Stay Away From

I am compiling a list of things to stay away from. This list includes harmful friends, harmful substances, laziness, addictions, harmful people, and instant gratification. Read from this list and do your best to stay away from the things listed. You can read the stay away from list if you would like.

Self Improvement: Stay Healthy

What a joy it is to be able to run around and be pain free. How difficult it can be when health related issues prevent us from living a happy, full, and abundant life. There are many simple things you can do to stay healthy and happy. Follow this quick health guide and get well on your way to controlling your health.

Self Improvement: Tips for Improvement

As you start and continue your journey in self improvement, remembering simple tips for improvement will help you. Read from this growing list of simple things to follow and do in your life as you seek to become better. Read from the tips for improvement and try a few of them each day and see if they can't help you become better.

Self Improvement: True Happiness

See how gaining true happiness is not difficult. All that is needed is the choice to find out your purpose in life, to hold onto your dreams, and to make the hard choices to do what it takes to make your dreams happen in your life. See some fine examples of what true happiness is. Read more about true happiness.

Self Improvement: Use Wisdom

Gain the wisdom of the goddess Athena! See some famous examples of wisdom including the wizards Gandalf and Dumbledore. Use wisdom to better understand yourself and others and to also make decisions in your life that will be better for you and the people around you. Read how to use wisdom.