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Why Do I Have a Hard Time Making Choices?

The good news is that you are making a choice right now. Perhaps you were searching on the web and came across this page. If so, you are at one of the simplest places to discover facts about how to make choices when you are having a hard time making choices!

Having a hard time making choices comes down to three simple things you can work on. They are finding your purpose for existing, being internally motivated, and finally, having the knowledge and faith of the results of your choices before the choice is even made.

Finding Your Purpose For Existing Will Help You Make Choices

Where there is difficulty in decision making, often times there is confusion about why one exists. Think about it. If you do not have a clear idea of why you are on the earth, why are you going to take effort in making any decisions? You will likely do the bare minimum to survive because there is no purpose or meaning to the actions you take each and every day. You are in luck! I've written a detailed guide that will help you discover your purpose in life. This will help you when you are having a hard time making choices. You will find that when you are passionate and good at something, that making choices becomes easy!

Once your purpose for existing is found, you will become hungry to make choices to fulfill that purpose. For me, this is doing websites, helping others, supporting my family, and keeping myself in good shape. For you it may be different. Maybe you are meant to be a ballet dancer, to be in gymnastics, to play chess, or to cook. Regardless of what it is, find what you are passionate and good at and go for it. Do not give up making choices. With the right effort and knowledge, you will see the benefits of making choices and will no longer have a hard time making choices.

Being Internally Motivated Will Drive Your Choices

Being internally motivated means that you do not rely on anyone or anything to make decisions. It means that you do not need a 'coach' telling you what to do. Instead, you know your purpose in life, desire to succeed and achieve, and are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to make this happen. Having a hard time making choices happens in large part to a lack of internal motivation. If you don't feel like doing something, generally you won't. The internally motivated person does not listen to their emotions, but instead, maintains constant effort and decision making to further along their plans and goals.

You can become internally motivated and start making choices today. First you must work on your image of yourself. If you are eating junk, being lazy, and hanging around those who treat you like a piece of meat, you are in the wrong place my friend. Seek after uplifting and inspiring people. Find people who are happy. Start getting healthy by eating food that will build your body up instead of tearing it down. Start talking good to yourself. You are talented, smart, and capable. No more negativity. You will find that taking time to change your self image will also begin the process of you being able to make choices, even when the choice is hard to make.

Have the Knowledge and Faith for Results of Your Choices

Even with all that has been said, there still must be something to gain, or some good outcome to happen for a choice to have motivation behind it to be made. This means increasing your education and intelligence. Once you see that making a choice will bring benefits, whether financial, emotional, or physical, you will see that not making the choice becomes the hard thing to do. Whatever your passion and interest is in life, become an expert on it. You will have full control over your life as you gain enough knowledge to the point you are no longer guessing!

Soon you will no longer be asking, "why do I have a hard time making choices?" but instead "I love making the choices that benefit my life and others". You can do it, stand up, get yourself to where you need to go, and do what it takes to better your life and others around you. With a little effort and faith, you will realize positive results!