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Positive Energy

Have you ever been moved or touched by someone because they were so sincere, or they had so much passion? Whether it is a speech to rally the troops, or a somber story to tell the tale of a loved one, positive energy is what moves each and every one of us to believe in ourselves and take action more than were that energy not around. Think about it for a moment. Someone who has optimism and believes in a cause will spread that optimism to others. Let's see now how that positive energy can be used for your own life and to help others.
Positive Energy Positive Energy is important for one who seeks to be happy and successful. Beyond that, there is an 'energy' that you emmit going throughout life. Let's call this 'energy' an aura that each and every person has. Some people have a faint one, some a very strong one, and some give off an intense aura. The aura ranges from extremely positive, to extremely negative. I do not wish to discuss the negative energy that some people have leading them to do unspeakable acts, but rather what positive energy entails, how positive energy can enable you to influence others, help others succeed, and help yourself transcend this life.

Describing and Recognizing Positive Energy?

I've described positive energy as an aura around a person that is positive. There are many factors that attribute to a person having this kind of aura. Some of these include:

How Your Positive Energy can Influence Others

Examples of Lacking Positive Energy

Your positive energy can help you influence other people. Think very carefully on the events that transpire each and every day. Think about your interaction with people. Watch others as they interact with people. You will quickly be able to see those with positive energy and those without it. I was eating yesterday at Two Jacks pizza with my family and a few friends yesterday night. At another table was another family. I saw the father of that family and how drained he appeared. It was as if all the life had been sucked out of him. His children were running rampant around the place. This man was not giving off positive energy.

What about the grumpy co-worker who is always complaining about how the company sucks? What about someone who everytime you try and talk to them they just give one word answers like 'fine', 'ok', and 'so'? A lack of positive energy occurs when one does not have a clear idea of what they would like to do, or feel like they are being mistreated but not doing much about it. Moping around, complaining, being tired all the time, not feeling well often, being very irritable, and stuck in a rut generally describe one lacking positive energy. The problem with this kind of person is nobody wants to go within ten feet of them (that is unless they are at the same level of negative energy). Therefore influence from other people is nearly impossible for negative energy people to gain.

Examples of Positive Energy

I've seen people who have positive energy. While I was attending school at UVSC, we had the priviledge of hearing Steve Young speak to us. Steve Young is a former NFL quarterback for the San Fransisco 49ers. He had much success as a quarterback, including MVPs and championships. Now one could say that he's had a lot of success, and probably has a lot of money, so of course the guy is going to have positive energy from all that success. But I would argue that he is where he is because of the direction his life was going well before his success. When he spoke to us, he talked about being positive, to stop complaining, and to strive for success. It makes sense that he was successful following his own advice, and his influence with people, particularly in the sporting world, is great.

Positive energy comes in many forms. Conan O'Brien is another person who appears to have a lot of positive energy. His show, "Late Night, With Conan O'Brien" is a very successful show. Conan's confidence, humor, and ability to make other people laugh gives him great influence with people. People want to watch him because he is upbeat, positive, and funny. He has a confidence and energy that enables him to perform in front of large groups of people without any fear.

Positive energy gives off an electricity from certain people. Dwayne, 'The Rock' Johnson, a former football player and WWE wrestler gives off an extreme amount of positive energy. I have not seen many people with the charisma that he has. He's been in several movies and had a large impact on the increase in ratings that the WWE had in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Just watch this video below to see how his positive energy, influence, and excitement promotes interest and enthusiasm.

The Rock - Positive Energy with Bill Gates

The main thing with all of this is to just plain realize that if you are happy, upbeat, and positive, people are going to respond well to you. Find confidence and go after the things you want.

How Your Positive Energy Helps Others Succeed

Having positive energy will help you be a good leader. Pass on this energy to those you are with and watch the feats they are able to accomplish. Having a team of people with positive energy in abundance is a marvelous thing. When others see your positive energy, that energy will be contageous and spread to them. People will be inspired by you as you maintain positive energy and confidence. Encourage others, cheer them on, and let them use their strengths. Give people the freedom to be creative.

Positive Energy Enables You to Transcend This Life

Maintain positive energy and you will begin to transcend this life. You will begin to see things that you otherwise could not have seen. You will gain a confidence and determination that will allow you to accomplish great things. Seeing past every day things, you will begin to understand that there is much more to life than simple day to day living. Also you maintain positive energy, you will be able to tap into things that most people never even realize. This is something that you need to figure out for yourself, and by being upbeat, confident, and having positive energy, I have no doubt you will.

I hope you enjoyed this section on positive energy. With positive energy, you will be better equipped to succeed and influence others.