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Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk is your communication with yourself in a way that helps you get through tough times (like a sports injury, breakup, or rough financial period), or programming your brain through optimistic and uplifting dialog. With positive self talk, you will be more likely to do something favorable in your life as your brain will be programmed to do positive things!

I've prepared several different resources on positive self talk which I think will make a difference in the quality of your life. Choose one, or simply keep reading on :)
"What To Say When You Talk To Yourself" Book Positive Self Talk Examples Positive Self Talk Podcast
Positive Self Talk Podcast. Listen to an audio file made by me (DrJerm) on Positive Self Talk.

Positive Self Talk Positive self talk is an important key to maintaining positivity and proactivity in life. Even with everything I am discovering about life, being happy, and being dedicated, there are still days where motivation is not as easy to come by. The thoughts I think and the things I say to myself are important tools I use to make sure that I maintain a high level of motivation and continuing dedication, even on the most gloomy of days. With this power, you can do the same for your life. What below interests you most in your positive self talk? Or, jump to the positive self talk examples

What is Positive Self Talk?

Positive self talk is any time in which you as an individual think or talk to yourself in a beneficial manner. So, talking to yourself you might be wondering. What is this, a lesson for crazy people? No, not at all, this is a lesson for all us normal people out there. Constantly you are thinking and frequently you talk to yourself. Positive self talk is any thought you think, or any speech you say to yourself that provides a mechanism for improvement or upliftment. Anything you do which detracts from these two things is not positive self talk. Sadly, I must make mention of all the things done that are not positive self talk so that a realization can be made of harmful things thought and said.

Facing Negativity

Many of you may have had experience growing up and being told that you cannot do something. Whether it was something that required money, time, or was simple, your parents may have told you that you cannot do it. After a while growing up, it becomes a natural thing to be told no. In grade school, grades are given and the focus is the penalty for getting incorrect answers. Such a negative focus growing up and is it a wonder that there is such a need for positive self talk in the world today?

Think back to your childhood and what your parents or friends might have done or said to you that potentially warped your mind to a negative way of thinking or a doubt in yourself. For me, it is realizing that growing up, self talk was something I never ever heard of. I may have heard that crazy people talk to themselves, but never about how positive self talk can build you up and help you press forward with renewed effort. What a useful tool this would have been growing up as a teenager! I could have used the confidence, self esteem, and boost that positive self talk would have given me.

Whether you played sports in high school, were in band, or took out your frustrations by playing with the chess team, chances are that you faced negative self talk from a variety of people. Your coach may have yelled and cursed at you and told you you were slow. Or a teacher misunderstood you and told you off in front of the class. Or you had to deal with the ignorant ridicule of other students who either picked on you or were bored and took out that boredom by picking on you. Either way, even the most celebrated jock in high school has had to deal with at least some negative talk.

It is not a fun thing to think back to the negative things that happened when you were young. But take time to really think back on it. To some level, we've all had to face it, some having to deal with more negativity that others. Singling out and recognizing the negativity is a huge step to changing it and stopping it from happening to the youth of today.

Why Use Positive Self Talk?

There is more to your thoughts and speech than you can likely imagine at this time. Some of you may realize the importance your thoughts and speaking to yourself have, but the reality is that your life is dictated by what/where you tell it to go! Think very carefully about this please. What you say and think to yourself is where your life will go. Every one of us are pilots, charting the course of life that we will each take. This is very real. The course we take is dependent on our view of ourselves and the way we think and talk to ourselves. Sure, there may be good and bad weather at times, but the course remains what is made of it.

This is knowledge I did not have until very recently, within that last couple years. I was so used to playing basketball and cursing at myself when I missed a few shots. It was so easy for me to ridicule myself when I made mistakes. Oh the ignorance of such thinking! Yes, realize your mistakes and shortcomings, but do not constantly dwell on them and imbed them as part of your being. Instead, constanly use positive self talk. Use it in the following situations. It may seem ridiculous to use positive self talk this much, but believe me, it is not! Take the time throughout the day to positively build yourself up. When you are happy, angry, sad, excited, depressed, or any negative thing. The emotional state you are in does not affect the amount of positive self talk you should be using. The only thing that determines how much positive self talk to use is one thing. And that one thing is using it all the time!

Here's a video overview of positive self talk. In it, I'll go over the basics of positive self talk. I made this video all because my brain believed I could do it :) Down below are some specific examples of positive self talk.

Positive Self Talk Examples


Now you've heard a little bit about positive self talk, let's look at some examples of things that can be thought of and said out loud to boost yourself and help you realize that you are much greater than you could have ever realized without this.

Positive Self Talk for Confidence

Positive Self Talk for a Healthy Life Style

Positive Self Talk for Financial Freedom

Positive Self Talk for Overcoming Fear/Doubt

Positive Self Talk for Being Stress Free

Positive Self Talk for Dealing With a Break Up

Getting Started With Positive Self Talk

So how do you get started with positive self talk? Simple, take the necessary steps this website outlines to turn yourself in the right direction. Then create your own positive self talk dialogue which you increase over time. Then use it constantly, even in the most dire of situations.

I recommend reading the book "What to say when you talk to yourself" by Shad Helmstetter. This is a book that helped me learn quite a bit about positive self talk and realizing the negative things I said to myself. Not only is the book a quick read, it is loaded with many examples of positive self talk and situations where it can be used. Its value has far surpassed the cost I paid for it.

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I hope you enjoyed this page on positive self talk. The things you think and say to yourself have a profound impact on where your life goes each and every day.