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True Happiness

Happiness True happiness is individual satisfcation with ones self and the environment one is in. Happiness is the culmination of quite a few things. Some of these include emotion, biological responses, religious and spiritual meanings, and more. I would like to focus however more on the simple steps to being happy. The focus of this page will be on achieving happiness, maintaining happiness, and helping others be happy.

Measuring Happiness

Being happy is often times a matter of the opinion that you have about yourself and your environment. Happiness is partially relative to the situation you are in. You might be living in a very nice home with more money than you will ever need. You may have a really good job that you go to every day and you find happiness on the job. There may be others who have a similar situation that are not happy. They have great careers, lots of money, but finding happiness is difficult for them. There may be several reasons for this. Regardless of the reasons, finding happiness in your life will greatly affect your journey in improving yourself.

One of the ways to measure happiness is to talk to yourself and ask some simple questions about how happy you are. Try asking yourself the following: Look at these questions, and seriously ask them to yourself. I know it is easy to just read and skim through, but STOP! Take a serious look at these questions. Do not skim through them. Think seriously about yourself, what you are doing, how you feel, and whether or not you believe yourself to be happy. These are simple questions and it is okay if you answered yes/no to a question where that answer has a negative impact on your life. If you don't feel good physically, that's ok. If you are doing things nobody knows about that you are ashamed of, that's okay. The main thing here is to honestly think about these things and if they are preventing you from being happy.

Often times in life various things happen or are done that seek to remove happiness from life. Either somebody did something that makes you angry or you did something that you feel sick to your stomach about. Perhaps there are harmful addictions that plague your life or you are being subjected to harmful things by those around you. True happiness will come from recognizing this and making an effort to correct what is wrong. This does not mean you are perfect and will not make mistakes. As I write this even now, I know that there are things that I do that are just plain stupid. They disrupt an otherwise positive flow of life. Yet I recognize my own mortality and capacity for mistakes and can forgive myself while at the same time remaining steadfast in my pursuit of health and happiness.

Achieving Happiness

Will Smith in "The Pursuit of Happyness"

Do what it takes to achieve your happiness. To achieve happiness, please follow these simple steps.

Completely Recognize Your Weaknesses

Do not be afraid to admit your weaknesses to yourself. If you have a temper admit it. If you are married and have a hard time staying faithful to your wife, admit it. If you seem to lie all the time, admit it. Once you admit these kind of things to yourself, ask yourself if you think these things are making you happy and bringing you closer to those around you. With any reason, you should realize that your weaknesses are things you do which negatively impact you. Yet they must be recognized. You must put forth effort to try and overcome them. You will probably never totally overcome your weaknesses while you are alive - that's okay. If you are doing the best you can, do not worry.

Completely Recognize Your Strengths

You are good at something. From the day you are born, you possess talents and abilities. You are good at many things even if you do not realize it or take the time to bring those strengths out of you. To become happy, you must know what you are good at, and how you can use what you are good at to benefit others. For me, this is basketball, doing websites, and helping other people with simple insight (and the reason I am doing this website). I truly believe I will help at least a few people with this website.

Not only that, I believe I am smart - not in an egotistical way. I know I can figure out problems when they come my way. I know that if I take time to work hard and use my talents and abilities I can create marvelous things. This website is the beginning of putting in time and effort to get the knowledge I have about improving yourself so that other people can read, watch, and interact with this website. I find joy and happiness through putting effort into those things I am good at and putting effort in overcoming my weaknesses.

Maintaining Happiness

Here are some simple steps to maintaining happiness. All they require is a choice to do them, and taking the effort to do them - all of them can be done by most people. I know that true happiness comes from knowing you are special and that through effort even if the effort is hard and painful, that every one of us can achieve great things. We do not even have to succeed at what you are doing, but you must at least try!

Help Others Be Happy

The purpose of this page is to help others find happiness. One of the purposes of this website is to help you find happiness. Helping others find happiness is a key step. Many are in financial ruin, marital strife, have harmful addictions, or are physically hampered. What a wonder it is to simply lend a helping hand or a listening ear to someone. Not everyone wants to be helped, but many do. I know that if you take the time to look around you - even just take a walk through your neighborhood, you will find those in need.

"The Pursuit of Happyness" - Chris Gardner did all he could for some time through much difficulty and in the end found his happiness

I hope you enjoyed this page on happiness. I know that happiness can be achieved no matter your situation or stage in life, if you just try.